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The RapidClone is a new and completely automated cuttings unit. This is a unit, we at HydroGarden have designed and made for many years. With great feedback and results!

Deep water culture (DWC) Is a very effective, hydroponic method for producing rapid root growth - FAST

The RapidClone Unit, uses rockwool, which in inserted into the polystyrene tray. This tray will float on the water in the bin, which is heated with a thermal controlled water heater, and also aerated via air pump and air stone. Creating a spa pool for your roots! Giving you upto 49 clones, ready in 10 days - 2 weeks!

This unit comes with everything you need to get started, including twin 24W fluorescent light, water heater, air pump and stone, cloning gel and scalpel

It allows the owner to set it up for operation within minutes, then leave it running unattended for up to two weeks!! It's suitable for growers in hydro, coco or soil, and it will produce a massive 95% to 100% strike rate!! This unit is so very very easy to set up and use. It comes in a complete kit-set form with an instruction manual on how to set it up, and a free in-depth chapter on how to take cuttings successfully

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